‘Rebuilding will take more than mild expressions of regret’ – The Board of Deputies launches its Ten Pledges for Labour leadership and deputy leadership candidates.

Image credit: Board of Deputies

Today, the Board of Deputies is publicly releasing its Ten Pledges (attached), identifying the ten key points we believe Labour needs to sign up to in order to begin healing its relationship with the Jewish community.

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s four years in office, during which time antisemitism in the party became a matter of great anxiety for the UK’s Jews, Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl expressed the hope that the new leader will address the problem promptly and energetically.

Marie said: “Tomorrow afternoon, nominations from MPs and MEPs for both Labour’s leadership and deputy leadership elections will close, giving the general public a better idea of the likely candidates for those offices.

“Some of those hoping to take the Labour party forward have spoken of their regret at the party’s lack of action on antisemitism under the current leadership, as well as the need to do things differently. Others have said nothing at all on the subject. A few appeared to have tailored their message depending on which section of the party they have been addressing.

“We will be frank. The relationship between Labour and the Jewish community, once rock solid, has been all but destroyed. Rebuilding will take more than mild expressions of regret. It will take a firm public commitment to agree to a specific course of action.

“Our Ten Pledges identify the key points we believe Labour needs to sign up to in order to begin healing its relationship with our community.

“All of these points, in one form or another, have previously been put to Jeremy Corbyn and his leadership team. Regrettably, action on any of these issues was limited at best, non-existent at worst.

“While there are many issues of importance to the British Jewish community, including religious freedom and security as well as general matters such as Health and Education, without serious action on antisemitism it is hard to trust the Labour party on any other issue.

“We expect that those seeking to move the party forward will openly and unequivocally endorse these Ten Pledges in full, making it clear that if elected as leader, or deputy leader, they will commit themselves to ensuring the adoption of all these points.”


Read the Ten Pledges here.

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