Parliamentary debate – Write to your MP
20 November 2014
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On 1 December there will be an Adjournment Debate in Westminster Hall at 4.30pm for three hours on the “petition relating to ending the conflict in Palestine”. It is sponsored by Grahame Morris MP, who also initiated the debate on Palestinian statehood. This time there will not be a vote. We are asking people to write to their MPs to encourage them to make a number of points.

E-mails in your own words are more effective, but you can use points such as the ones below, we suggest that there are others.

As a constituent I am hoping that you will speak at the upcoming parliamentary debate on the “petition relating to ending the conflict in Palestine” sponsored by Grahame Morris MP which will take place in Westminster Hall at 4.30pm for three hours.

I would urge you to make the following points during the debate:

  • The only path to peace between Israelis and the Palestinians is a negotiated settlement which leads to two states for two peoples able to live in security.
  • The international community must lead efforts to demilitarise Hamas so it is unable to initiate conflicts leading to mass loss of life. This would also lead to increased reconstruction efforts in Gaza to the benefit of its citizens.
  • The recent increase in tensions and violence in Israel, but particularly in Jerusalem, has been exacerbated by incessant incitement from the Palestinian Authority and its bodies. Will HM Government be pressing this issue with Mr Abbas as a major funder of the Palestinian Authority and its activities?

I look forward to receiving your response.

You can find your MP and their contact details here: