On UN ‘blacklist’, Board of Deputies urges Government to ‘Call out this measure for the sham that it is’
13 February 2020
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Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has condemned the United Nations for its “clear and unacceptable prejudice” on Israel.

Marie said: “The UN OHCHR ‘blacklist’ of companies doing business in Israel and the Palestinian Territories is the latest example of clear and unacceptable prejudice by the UN. At present, there are more than 100 territorial disputes around the world, including in Kashmir, Crimea, Tibet, Northern Cyprus and Western Sahara, but once again the UN has chosen to take this measure only against Israel, the world’s only Jewish state. The UK has rightly called time on this kind of bias at the UN before and we urge the Government to call out this measure for the sham that it is and press the UN to attempt to rescue its increasingly shaky credibility by retracting this ill-conceived measure.”