Now is the time to speak to your family about organ donation, says Board of Deputies

The Board of Deputies is urging members of the Jewish community to engage with the new organ donation system and speak to their families.

Marie van der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies, said: “With the new organ donation system in place, it is essential to: speak to your Rabbi or spiritual authority; share your wishes with your family; and state your decision on the Organ Donation Register website.

She added: “It is vital that our loved ones know what our wishes are, so if anything happened to us, confusion on this crucial matter would not add to their distress. That way we can exercise our central Jewish values of saving lives, respect for the dead and care for the bereaved.”

The new organ donation system is now operational after several safeguards were secured by the Board of Deputies and communal partners. Communication with the family is held as essential throughout the process. And ultimately if neither consent nor non-consent was expressed by the individual in their lifetime, or if family cannot be contacted, organ donation cannot go ahead.

In addition, families will be offered a rabbinic helpline to guide them through this difficult decision as provided by the religious authority of their choice.

For more details about changes to the scheme, click here.



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