High profile errors from Met Police damaging Jewish community’s trust in policing

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In the wake of the most recent controversy with regards to police actions surrounding the anti-Israel protests in London, the Board of Deputies has issued the following statement:

“Since the horrific terror attacks of October 7th, almost every weekend we have seen tens of thousands of people march through the centre of London on ‘anti-Israel’ protests. While many marchers may have genuine concerns regarding the terrible situation in Gaza, others have taken the opportunity to amplify hideous antisemitic conspiracy theories, while a number clearly wish for the complete destruction of the world’s only Jewish State.

“The Metropolitan Police has made a series of high profile errors in their responses to these demonstrations. The entirely avoidable mistakes have had a devastating effect on the previously high level of trust held by the UK’s Jewish community in the police. We have written to the Commissioner to ask for an urgent meeting to reinforce the gravity of the situation and to begin to repair this grievous loss of confidence.”

Update: We can now confirm that the Board of Deputies, joined by the Jewish Leadership Council and the Community Security Trust will meet Sir Mark Rowley, Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley later this week to discuss this serious issue.

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