Message to the community regarding the Paris terrorist attacks

From The Board of Deputies; The Jewish Leadership Council; CST; BICOM; UJIA; ZF

12th January 2015

We have been deeply saddened by the terrible terrorist attacks in Paris last week.  Our community’s thoughts and prayers have gone out to the victims and their families. This was an attack upon Jews, freedom of speech and those who protect our liberty.

When the terrorists turned their attention to shoppers and staff in the kosher supermarket, there was naturally fear and concern amongst our community as we watched events unfold.

The CST responded rapidly to the developing situation, liaising with the Police and Government to ensure that there was additional visible security around key Jewish community locations and increased patrols. Advice has been circulated to schools and parents, shuls and other communal buildings. The CST’s blog, linked to here, has been a constant source of updated information and reassurance.

The Board of Deputies was immediately in close contact with Crif, the representative body of the Jewish Community in France and remains so.

On Friday, the Immigration and Security Minister, James Brokenshire issued a statement to reaffirming his commitment to work with the Jewish community on security matters and to arrange to meet with community leaders this week.  There is also on Tuesday 13th January the annual scheduled meeting for community leaders with the Prime Minster at which the community will discuss the current situation and the latest developments.

We were pleased to be joined by a large number of members of the community at the Unity Rally in Trafalgar Square organised by the French Embassy on Sunday 11th January. There is an online Book of Condolence for the victims which can be linked to here.

We express our solidarity with and support for the Jewish community of France and pray that we should only know peace.

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