Marie van der Zyl: ‘When Genocide Amendment returns to the Commons we will once again give it our vocal support’
10 February 2021
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Board of Deputies of British Jews President Marie van der Zyl has reacted to the lack of opportunity for MPs to vote on the Genocide Amendment to the Trade Bill on Tuesday.

She said:  “While we were disappointed that MPs did not get a chance to vote on the amendment this week, it now goes back to the House of Lords. We expect it to return to the House of Commons in due course, and we will once again give it our vocal support.”

“We are determined to continue to support the Uyghur people against the genocide which is currently being perpetrated and give them their day in court. We hope that we can move forward and work with the Government and MPs of all parties to do whatever we can to ensure that the terrible situation in Xinjiang is not allowed to continue.”