Labour candidates must condemn slurs and threats against Ruth Smeeth

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl has called on Labour’s leadership contenders to condemn online antisemitic hate against Labour MP Ruth Smeeth.

She said: “The disgusting antisemitic slurs and violent threats against Labour MP Ruth Smeeth show the depths which some so-called Labour supporters are plumbing.

“This needs to be roundly and swiftly condemned by both the leadership candidates and the Party needs to act to drain the cesspit of antisemitism that has become so apparent in recent months.

“This will not happen if leading Labour figures continue to irresponsibly undermine the disciplinary process that has, often belatedly, led to the suspension of bigots. Casting doubt on the actions that are being taken means that certain Labour figures are effectively giving a ‘free pass’ to racism and misogyny and creating a culture of impunity for antisemitism.”

“Labour’s disciplinary process needs to be strengthened, not undermined.”

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