Jonathan Arkush elected Board president
17 May 2015
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Jonathan Arkush is the Board’s new president following his election victory against Alex Brummer and Laura Marks

The deputy for Borehamwood and Elstree United Synagogue will succeed Vivian Wineman who stands down after six years in office

Mr Arkush won his victory after two rounds of voting. In the first round, he registered 107 votes with 78 to Ms Marks and 74 to Mr Brummer.  In the second round of voting, after Mr Brummer’s elimination, he defeated Ms Marks by 152 to 92.

The 60-year-old barrister has served for six years as a vice president and more than 30 years as a deputy. He said: “Of course not all deputies have supported me. Why should they? But I want to be a president for all deputies from left to right.”

The winners of the election for vice president were 30-year-old Richard Verber who won in the first round of voting with 131 votes. After two further rounds, Sheila Gewolb and Marie Van Der Zyl were also elected. The new treasurer will be Stuart Macdonald who defeated Jerry Lewis by  158 to 70.

Photo: (from left) Sheila Gewolb, Richard Verber, Jonathan Arkush, Marie Van Der Zyl, Stuart Macdonald and chief executive Gillian Merron