Jonathan Arkush ‘deeply disappointed’ with Leicester boycott resolution
23 February 2016
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Board President Jonathan Arkush today expressed his “deep disappointment” with the Leicester City Council resolution to boycott produce from the territories beyond the Green Line, at a meeting with Leicester Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby.

Mr Arkush said: “The Board of Deputies delegation firmly relayed to Sir Peter the very strong opposition of our community to boycotts of any description in relation to Israel and underlined how damaging and destructive such resolutions are to community cohesion and relations. We also highlighted the ill-informed and one-sided debate that preceded the passing of the resolution.”

He added: “This was a meeting in which I spoke frankly and robustly on behalf of the wide consensus in the Jewish community.  I repeatedly asked Sir Peter whether he would advise the council to rescind the resolution. To our deep disappointment, voiced in very clear terms, the mayor declined, stating that this was a matter for the Council.”