Jewish Living Exhibition in Carlisle
09 December 2014
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The Board of Deputies of British Jews has launched its Jewish Living Experience, its unique travelling Exhibition in Carlisle. The UK Jewish community’s premier education resource for young people, the exhibition opened at Tullie House Museum and will run until 11 December. Carlisle City Council & Tullie House Museum have kindly sponsored the exhibition that will be visited by over 500 local children from 14 schools.  The exhibition is also open to the public and is expected to be well attended . The launch was attended by the Board’s Vice President Jonathan Arkush, Education Policy & Projects Manager Sara Perlmutter, representatives from local government and schools.

Jonathan Arkush said:  “Prejudice against minorities is usually caused by ignorance.  If you counter the ignorance you break down the prejudice.  The Jewish Living Experience is hugely important in showing pupils and people of all ages and backgrounds what it means to be Jewish.  The customs and values of the Jewish people are amongst the oldest in the world, going back thousands of years, and other faiths, including Christianity grew out of them.  The exhibition plays a vital role in spreading a message of education and tolerance towards others.”

Sara Perlmutter said: “Very few of the school children who will visit the exhibition have ever had contact with Jewish people. The exhibition will give them a taste of Jewish life from religious practices through to important cultural belief, all in a fun and interactive environment.”