From hatred to humous: the Board of Deputies puts on a varied programme at Limmud

The Board of Deputies will be present in force at Limmud 2018 with a programme of events at the festival which runs until Thursday December 27.

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl will be asking ‘Do Jews Have a Future in the UK?’ at a session on Wednesday when antisemitism and threats to religious practice will be up for discussion.

Senior Vice President Sheila Gewolb will be discussing international challenges to Jews, including terrorism and rising secularism, in a session on Thursday.

On Monday, Board of Deputies Parliamentary Officer Joel Salmon will be focusing on matters just as crucial to Jews around the world when he shines the spotlight on humous, unquestionably delicious, but also a symbol of conflict for many people in the Middle East. Not only will he be exploring the politics of the chickpea but there will also be a selection of humous to taste.

Public Affairs Director Phil Rosenberg will be joined by the JLC’s Claudia Mendoza for ‘Antisemitism, Brexit, Corbyn: an ABC of UK Jewish Public Policy’ which will look back on the main challenges facing the Jewish community in 2018, and look ahead to what to expect in 2019.

As part of a panel, Phil will also be examining ‘The Rise of Popularism in Europe. How Bad is it for Jews?’

For the full programme of events involving the Board of Deputies at Limmud click here. For the Limmud website, click here.

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