European Court of Justice’s refusal to uphold shechitah sends ‘chilling signal’
18 December 2020
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Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has reacted to the refusal of the European Court of Justice to uphold the right of Jews to practise shechitah following its decision to confirm a Belgian ban on kosher and halal slaughter.

Marie said: “The European Court of Justice’s refusal to uphold the right for Jews to manifest their religion in regards to shechitah, as we have practised and understood it for thousands of years, will have sent a chilling signal to all of the continent’s Jewish communities.. The question we must face is whether Europe is to be a hospitable or hostile environment for Jewish communities, as well as for similar faith groups including  Muslim communities. The Court at the very least has registered a  deeply concerning lack of interest in this challenge. We have reached out to the Belgian Jewish community offering our support.”