Essex children learn about Jewish life on Board tour

Around 180 children from an Essex secondary school discovered first-hand about the Jewish way of life this week on one of the Board’s Jewish Living Tour , which took in a synagogue, Jewish schools and Jewish high streets.

This programme, an extension of the Jewish living Experience travelling exhibition, aims to consolidate students’ religious education syllabus and bring Judaism to life for them.

The highlight for most of the group, from Coopers and Coborn School in Upminster, was to chat to their peers about Jewish education in schools as well as finding out about kashrut and Jewish life cycle events including bar- and batmitzvah.

Immanuel College students  (pictured) shared their thoughts about Israel and the sense of Jewish identity students felt when visiting Israel. This session was followed by some kosher food and informal chats.

A group of students also visited the synagogue at Yavneh College and joined classes of students to discuss areas of Jewish life.

Barbara Usher, the headteacher of Coopers and Coborn said that the visit had been a great success: Everyone I have spoken with is full of praise for this event, and we are looking forward to a new visit at the end of the year.”

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