Councillors from across the south coast gather for seminar on Jewish issues

Jewish communities from across the south coast came together to introduce councillors to issues affecting their Jewish residents at a seminar held in Brighton on Sunday.

More than 40 councillors from Brighton & Hove; Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole; Portsmouth; Southampton and a host of other councils attended The Jewish South Coast, a Seminar for Councillors, organised by the Board of Deputies, the Sussex Jewish Representative Council, Bournemouth Jewish Representative Council and the Jewish Leadership Council.

Councillors attended sessions on countering antisemitism, the Jewish community’s relationship with Israel, the future of the Brighton Jewish community and supporting smaller and dispersed communities, at the event held in Brighton.

It was also an opportunity to introduce the Wessex Jewish Representative Council, which is now taking on the umbrella role for Jewish groups and activities in Bournemouth, Poole and the surrounding areas.

Speaking about small and dispersed communities were Ric Cooper, Deputy for Portsmouth and Southsea Hebrew Congregation, Marilyn Keen, Deputy for Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation, David Selo, Deputy for Brighton & Hove Progressive Synagogue and Ed Horwich, CEO of the Jewish Small Communities Network. The session was chaired by Board of Deputies Regional Manager Sara Radivan. The panellists explained how local councillors can assist anyone Jewish who lives in their authority

Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman, said: “Thank you to the Sussex and Bournemouth Jewish Representative Councils and our partners at the JLC for helping to make this event a success. Together we are ensuring that councillors throughout the region understand the needs and concerns of their Jewish residents.”

Russell Langer, the JLC’s Head of Policy and Research, said: “It was a pleasure to meet councillors from across the south coast who wanted to learn more about the Jewish community. We look forward to continuing the important conversations from the seminar.”

Beryl Sharpe, President of the Sussex Representative Council said: “It was a pleasure to welcome councillors from across Sussex, Hampshire and Kent and explain the Jewish community’s interests and concerns.”

Keith Gould, Chair of the Wessex Jewish Representative Council, said: “The Wessex Jewish Representative Council received a great response from councillors and we have made links that will help us serve the community as we go forward.”

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