Concern at campaign messages of Hungarian election winner Orban
10 April 2018
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Responding to the victory of Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party in the Hungarian elections, Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron said:

“We are very concerned at some of the messages at the heart of Viktor Orban’s election campaign, including his comments about ‘Muslim invaders’ and calling migrants ‘poison’.

“There were also worrying antisemitic undertones in the relentless campaign that Fidesz waged against George Soros. In a speech, Orban described his opponents in terms that reflect classic anti-Jewish tropes, when he said: ‘We are fighting an enemy that is different from us. Not open, but hiding. Not straightforward, but crafty. Not honest, but base. They are not national, but international; they do not believe in work, but speculate with money; they have no homeland, but feel that the whole world is theirs.’

“Mr Orban has won a significant mandate in these elections. We can only hope that he intends to move on from this divisive campaign in a manner that unites all of Hungary’s communities, including Roma, Muslims and Jews.”