Candidates line up to support Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto for Local Government

Ahead of Thursday’s local elections, candidates standing in dozens of councils have backed the Board of Deputies Local Manifesto for Local Government.

The Manifesto calls for councils to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism and support Jewish schools and social care providers, among other asks.

Sir Richard Leese, Leader of Manchester City Council said: “I am happy, as always, to put on record Manchester Labour Group’s support for the Jewish Manifesto for Local Government”.

Julian Lewis Booth, Candidate for the Conservatives in Stockport said: “I am in! and support all of the 10 Local Commitments you detail.”

Rishi Shori, Leader of Bury Council said: “The Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto for Local Government is an invaluable resource for council leaders like me looking to support their local Jewish community, and I will be looking at it closely.”

Mark Hunter, Leader of Stockport Liberal Democrats said: Lib Dem Candidates in Stockport are proud to support the Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto for Local Government, and support our local Jewish community.’

Alexander Curtis, Chairman of Hertford and Stortford Conservatives said: “I am delighted to be backing the principles of the Board of Deputies Jewish Manifesto For Local Government.”

The Board of Deputies also received support from candidate standing in councils as diverse as Coventry, Stoke, Fyle and Leeds.


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