Call to Action: European Parliament Vote on Palestinian statehood
27 November 2014
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During its plenary on 15 – 18 December, the European Parliament will hold a vote on the recognition of Palestinian statehood. The parties behind the initiative are the Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D) and the Unified European Left Party (GUE).

We are urging you to e-mail your local MEPs to urge them to vote against unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood in the absence of a negotiated agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

Points to include in your e-mail:

As a constituent I am hoping that you will vote against the unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood scheduled for 15-18 December.

  • A lasting solution can only be achieved through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians. A Palestinian state cannot be established unilaterally without direct negotiations with Israel.
  • Israel stands behind the vision of a two state solution as endorsed by the international community.
  • Such unilateral moves will embolden those who constitute a threat to the security of both Israelis and Palestinians.
  • The current upswing in violence is being exacerbated by constant incitement from the Palestinian Authority.
  • The European Union should continue to encourage both sides to return to negotiations as part of the Quartet. 

I look forward to receiving your response.

You can find your local MEPs at this link: