BoD and MDA UK launch #FacingTerrorSavingLives campaign
22 December 2015
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The Board of Deputies of British Jews and Magen David Adom UK today announce the launch of a campaign enabling the UK Jewish community to respond to the current wave of terror in Israel by supporting Magen David Adom’s work on the frontline, facing terror and saving lives.

Since October 2015, Israel has been subjected to a sustained cycle of violence, with indiscriminate attacks on civilians throughout the country. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as of 20 December 2015 there have been 94 stabbings 34 shootings and 19 car rammings causing death and injury

Magen David Adom, Israel’s medical emergency response service, is very often first on the scene, treating not only the victims of terror but also the perpetrators. Coming face to face with victims and terrorists, MDA’s interest is in saving lives in line with the Talmudic principle of “whoever has saved one life has saved an entire world.” According to MDA statistics, between 13 September – 14 December, 2015, 22 people have been killed and 252 wounded – 21 of them seriously.

Today the Board of Deputies calls on the community to support the work of this vital organisation by donating to MDA UK to have a real impact on the ground. A social media and postal campaign aims to reach as many people as possible.

Jonathan Arkush, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews said: “As British Jews we are horrified by the current wave of wanton violence being committed against civilians in Israel by terrorists. While the media’s reporting is less than satisfactory, we are capable of having a real impact in the saving of lives by supporting the vital work of Magen David Adom through MDA UK.”

Daniel Burger, CEO of MDA UK said: “This wave of violence has demonstrated that terror can strike at anytime, anyplace, anywhere. For this reason Magen David Adom must be able and ready to respond whenever and wherever it is needed. Working with the Board of Deputies, Magen David Adom UK is not only raising awareness of the current situation but also the funds needed to keep our ambulances fully stocked with life-saving equipment.”

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