Board of Deputies welcomes safeguards in new organ donation system with consultation for families
19 May 2020
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Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman has welcomed the introduction of safeguards in a  new organ donation system by which families will be consulted to ensure their loved ones’ wishes are honoured.

Amanda said: “It is now clear what the Government’s organ donation reform means in practice – that families will always be consulted to ensure the deceased wishes are carried out. We have been reassured multiple times on this front.

“We are pleased that the system has been updated with new and projected features that enhance religious freedom – from a faith declaration on the organ donor register to the ability for families to access Rabbinic advice.

“Although the new system will not be implemented until after the COVID-19 pandemic is over, The Board of Deputies will be working with denominations to ensure the Jewish community is aware of how to navigate the new system.

“Our aim must be for as many Jewish citizens as possible to engage with the new system, in a way that is compatible with their beliefs so we can save lives and defend religious freedom”