Board of Deputies welcomes report of Home Affairs Select Committee into Antisemitism in the UK

Board of Deputies of British Jews President Jonathan Arkush has warmly welcomed today’s Home Affairs Select Committee Report into Antisemitism in the UK.

Jonathan, who was the first witness to give evidence to the committee, said: “I commend the Home Affairs Select Committee for writing such a clear and comprehensive report which will stand as a critical source document for future work in the area. The Board of Deputies of British Jews is greatly heartened that the committee has taken care to listen to the range of concerns expressed in the evidence given to the committee from across the community and beyond.

“In particular, we are pleased that the committee has highlighted the outrageous and ongoing online abuse suffered by those who support the Jewish community. The report also supports our assertion that there are problems within the Labour Party which still need to be addressed and that the leader has not fully grasped the enormity of the problem of antisemitism within his party. The report also vindicates our view on the questionable independence of the Chakrabarti Report and its weak content. There are also welcome recommendations on the definition of antisemitism and the problem of antisemitic anti-Zionism.

“We look forward to a strong response from the Government and the speedy implementation of the committee’s recommendations.”

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