Board of Deputies welcomes Foreign Secretary’s intervention at the UN Human Rights Council
18 June 2018
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Sheila Gewolb, Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the national representative body of the UK Jewish community, said:

“We welcome the Foreign Secretary’s bold, clear and important intervention at the UN Human Rights Council. Alongside his strong speech on the importance of girls’ education, his commitment that the UK will vote against all resolutions in 2019 tabled under the infamous Item 7, which singles out Israel as the only country in the world to have its own agenda item, is an important victory for human rights. Human rights are universal and should be applied universally and not in such a nakedly biased way. The UN Human Rights Council is undermined by politicisation and the singling out of Israel in its standing agenda and the UK has shown the way to giving this potentially crucial body much greater weight and standing.”