Board of Deputies welcomes decision to cancel disgraced Labour activist’s Norwich speaking date
28 November 2016
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A spokesperson for the Board of Deputies has welcomed Chapelfield Methodist Church’s decision to cancel the booking of Norwich Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s meeting with Jackie Walker on Saturday evening.

“Jackie Walker was suspended from the Labour Party and removed as Vice-Chair of Momentum because of her repeated offensive and false comments about Jews being ‘chief financiers of the slave trade’ – which they weren’t; Holocaust Memorial Day ignoring other genocides – which  it doesn’t; and Jewish institutions exaggerating the security threat against them – which, given the deadly terrorist attacks against Jewish schools, synagogues and museums in Europe in recent years is both patently false and staggeringly ignorant.

“We note that Norwich PSC is the same organisation whose website has previously claimed that a ‘Jewish lobby’ is controlling the nation and funding political parties in the interests of Israel rather than Britain. It described the Holocaust Educational Trust as maintaining ‘a culture of gentile guilt and Jewish victimhood in British Schools’.

“It was against all logic that a church would be willing to tolerate these serial offenders under its roof and we are sure that if the Friend’s Meeting House has been fully aware of the nature of the organisation or individual it would have taken the same decision as Chapelfield Methodist Church.”