Board of Deputies welcomes Chris Skidmore’s announcement that universities must do more to stamp out antisemitism

 Vice President Amanda Bowman has welcomed the Universities Minister Chris Skidmore’s announcement on antisemitism in higher education.

Mr Skidmore has called on all institutions to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism and said it is ‘unjust’ to make Jewish societies pay additional security costs for events. His announcement follows guidance published this year to protect free speech on campus

Amanda said: “This important announcement will be warmly received by Jewish students, Jewish academics, and the wider community who have become increasingly concerned with antisemitic incidents at higher education institutions.

“The Board of Deputies has long campaigned for public bodies to adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism, and this announcement follows the Office for Students adoption of the definition last year after campaigning from the Board and the Union of Jewish Students. We would urge universities to follow suit.

“We also welcome the Minister’s remarks that it is ‘unjust’ for student societies to cover the high security costs for putting on events. Universities have a duty of care to all students, especially those who suffer from discrimination on campus. The Board is proud of the achievements of Jewish students and academics on campus, We hope that this announcement and the hard work of UJS and others, will enable Jewish life on campus to continue to flourish.”


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