Board of Deputies urges Plaid Cymru to reflect on Al-Faifi case
23 October 2020
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Following a meeting with Plaid Cymru Chair Alun Ffred Jones and Chief Executive Gareth Chubb, Sheila Gewolb, Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and Laurence Kahn, Chair of the South Wales Jewish Representative Council issued the following joint statement:

“It is totally deplorable that there has been no sanction for Sahar al-Faifi who was suspended and re-admitted back into the Plaid Cymru after investigations into what should have been a clear case of conspiratorial antisemitic rhetoric.

“We find it deeply regrettable that Plaid Cymru has sent an message to the Jewish community and Welsh society more broadly that it is deemed acceptable to have someone who shares antisemitic conspiracy theories within the party.

“We understand that Plaid Cymru is to launch a review of its disciplinary practices. It is critical it gets this right, both for the Welsh Jewish community and to safeguard its own internal culture.

“In the meantime, the Party needs to think again and urgently review the decision relating to Sahar Al-Faifi, which suggests that the Party either does not understand antisemitism or simply does not care about it.”