Board of Deputies to offer additional ‘Co-ACH’ to regional communities to confront Coronavirus crisis

Image credit: Board of Deputies

The Board of Deputies has announced the appointment of Sara Radivan to support regional communities in the context of the Coronavirus crisis.

Sara’s role will be as Regional Coronavirus Advice-Capacity-Help (Co-ACH) Manager. The acronym ‘Co-ACH’ also has the meaning in Hebrew of ‘strength’ and Sara’s job will be to check in on the wellbeing of the UK’s regional Jewish communities, communicating their situation to central communal organisations and connecting the regional communities with central communal resources. She will also be available as a resource to institutions requiring additional capacity support in the meantime.

Sara will take up the role just after Pesach and she will conclude the three-month appointment with a report to the Board of Deputies on the state of the health of regional communal institutions after the predicted peak so that the central communal institutions can consider what help might be available thereafter.

Sara recently moved to Manchester, having previously served as Jewish Community Activities Co-ordinator for Merseyside Jewish Representative Council and Administration / Communication Manager for Merseyside Jewish Community Care. This followed an earlier career in clerical functions in hospitals and GP surgeries.

Announcing the appointment, Marie van der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said:

“The Coronavirus epidemic has struck every part of our community, but our concern is that it will have a disproportionate impact on smaller communities whose populations are older and whose infrastructure is already more limited. Whilst our own organisation’s budget is stretched, we are doing what we can to monitor the situation, support communities and consider what is going to be needed to ensure Jewish vitality in every part of our country.”

Sara Radivan, the Board of Deputies’ new Regional Co-ACH Manager, said:

“Over the years I have had many positive interactions with the Board of Deputies, particularly with activities they were organising in Liverpool. This is a difficult time for the community and I will do all I can to help communities right across the country.”

Dr Paul Edlin, Chair of the Board of Deputies’ Regional Deputies’ Assembly and President of the Glasgow Jewish Representative Council said:

“I would like to thank the Board of Deputies for responding to the needs of regional communities at this critical moment. Sara will add tremendous value and we wish her every success in her new role.”

Welcoming the appointment, Russell Conn, President of the Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester and Region, said:

“We welcome this appointment by the Board of Deputies. It could not be more needed right now. The whole of the Manchester community looks forward to working with Sara to enhance our very vibrant community.”

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