Board of Deputies to join football in walkout from social media

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has announced that the Board of Deputies will be joining football in a social media walkout this weekend to protest against continued online abuse.

“This weekend, we will be joining football players, clubs and supporters in a walkout from social media platforms, to protest against the ongoing and sustained discriminatory abuse aimed at players and many others connected to the game.

“Not nearly enough is being done by social media companies to combat such abuse, whether it involves anti-black racism, misogyny, homophobia or antisemitism. With regard to the latter, we note recent examples such as the antisemitic abuse aimed at Celtic’s Nir Bitton after the Old Firm Derby in January, the vile responses in March to Aston Villa wishing Jewish fans a Happy Passover and the antisemitic abuse earlier this month thrown at Jews perceived to have involvement with the failed Super League.

“Such abuse, whether it comes from the stands at a game or the replies to an social media post, is unacceptable. We join together with other likeminded individuals and organisations to demonstrate, by our silence, that there is #NoRoomForRacism.”

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