Board of Deputies statement on European Union referendum result
24 June 2016
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The Board of Deputies of British Jews notes the decision of the British public to vote to leave the European Union after a long period of debate and discussion.

We did not take a position on the EU referendum, but the Board of Deputies has a long history of engagement with the EU’s institutions and has provided a space for the community to discuss this issue in a recent debate.

While the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union will undoubtedly change the nature of our organisation’s relationship with the EU, we will nonetheless continue to work with colleagues and organisations across Europe as part of our broader programme of advocacy on international issues of concern to the Jewish people.  And we shall of course retain our very strong bonds of friendship and support with Jewish communities across the EU.

Senior Vice President Richard Verber said: “The referendum campaign has at times been divisive and bruising but we hope that the country will now come together, address the causes of disenchantment and remain committed to being an inclusive and affirmative place for all parts of our society. The Board of Deputies will be closely monitoring developments in the coming weeks and months and any implications these may have for our community.”

President Jonathan Arkush will also be briefing international Jewish organisations throughout the day.