Board of Deputies President welcomes planning permission for Westminster Holocaust Memorial

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has welcomed  the decision of Housing Minister Christopher Pincher to grant planning permission for the UK Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre.”

She said:  “I am delighted that the Minister of State has granted planning permission for the memorial.

“As I said to the inquiry, there will be something uniquely powerful about locating a memorial to the Holocaust right next to the centre of the UK’s democracy. Whilst the Holocaust was a particular crime against Jewish people, the Nazis also viciously persecuted Roma, gay and disabled people, and this memorial will speak to that. The messages and learnings that one should glean from its memorialisation are a powerful reminder of the universal values of fairness and justice that a democratic society has the responsibility to bestow upon its citizens.”

“We look forward to the time that our fellow citizens and guests from abroad will be able to visit the UK Holocaust Memorial and Learning Centre, to learn more about this dark period of genocidal intolerance, and come away determined to play their part in a better, more peaceful and more inclusive future.”

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