Board of Deputies President urges Westminster councillors to support National Holocaust Memorial

On the eve of a Westminster City Council debate on the future of a proposed National Holocaust Memorial, to be sited near to the of Parliament, Board of Deputies of British Jews President Marie van der Zyl has written to councillors urging them to support the project.

In the letter, Marie says: “A permanent commemoration to the six million Jewish people murdered in the Holocaust is an important and timely project. At a time when the number of Holocaust survivors is dwindling by the year, and when antisemitism is on the rise across Europe and in the UK, a permanent and visible memorial will serve as a constant reminder of the danger of complacency to those we elect to represent us.”

She adds; “The impact of a permanent memorial on future generations is incalculable. An interactive learning centre as a part of the permanent fixture of the memorial well ensure that future generations are able to learn the lessons of the Holocaust and ensure that ‘Never Again’ is not only a slogan, but rather a call to action against any future abuses of human rights.

Councillors will debate the issue of the National Holocaust Memorial tomorrow evening (Tuesday 11 February).

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