Board of Deputies President: ‘Tom Watson’s push for transparency in Labour complaints process is a sad commentary on the leadership’
25 February 2019
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Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has reacted to Labour Deputy Leader Tom Watson’s call for greater transparency in the party’s disciplinary process.

Marie said:  “It is tragic that the Deputy Leader of the Opposition has felt the need to personally push for greater transparency in Labour’s complaints process for antisemitism, racism and bullying – including that suffered by the party’s MPs. The fact that Tom Watson has felt the need to do this himself is a sad commentary on the fact that the Labour leadership that has so far failed to take satisfactory action against a culture of antisemitism and bullying in the party. This noxious behaviour is so rife within Labour that it is leading to the resignations of MPs, councillors and other members. What will it take for Jeremy Corbyn to act?”