Board of Deputies President reacts to claim that ‘antisemitism will not be tolerated whatsoever’ by Labour
26 November 2019
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Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has responded to the claim of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn, made at his party’s Race and Faith Manifesto launch, that antisemitism “will not be tolerated whatsoever” under a Labour Government.

Marie van der Zyl said: “Most in our community will find it impossible to trust Jeremy Corbyn and Labour when they say antisemitism ‘will not be tolerated whatsoever’. Labour’s record under his leadership has shown that antisemites are indulged by Labour, while Jewish MPs are hounded out without a word of complaint from him. British Jews are acutely anxious about the proliferation of antisemitism in the official party of opposition, a point made so eloquently by the Chief Rabbi earlier today. What starts with the Jews never ends with the Jews. If the Labour Party can show this kind of disdain for our community, then who will be next?”