Board of Deputies President condemns Hamas for ‘reprehensible and cynical’ rocket barrage against Israel and expresses ‘deep concern’ over violence between Arabs and Jews around Israel

Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has condemned Hamas following its widescale rocket attacks against Israeli civilian targets.

She said: “We utterly condemn Hamas for its reprehensible and cynical barrage of over 200 rockets into civilian areas in Israel.

“We urge politicians and the media to call this out and not fall into the trap of inadvertently encouraging Hamas by ignoring or downplaying its terrorist activities.

“Before yet more people are killed or injured, action must be taken on all sides to de-escalate the situation. This tragic conflict has taken or damaged too many lives already.”

Marie also condemned the violence breaking out in cities around Israel.

She said: “We are deeply concerned by the outbreak of violence between Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs in cities throughout Israel, including Lod, Acre and Bat Yam. As Jews, we are particularly appalled by reports that some Jewish Israelis have come as vigilantes from other neighbourhoods with the express purpose of participating in these acts of inexcusable violence against innocent Arab citizens. Such acts have no place in our or any faith. Extremist rioters in both communities should be met with a firm hand and be condemned by all in authority, and order returned to these city’s streets as a matter of urgency.”


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