Board of Deputies President calls on new Labour Leader to ensure all disciplinary cases are resolved in four months
31 March 2020
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Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has called on the new Labour leader to ensure that all outstanding disciplinary cases are resolved within four months.
In an article in today’s Times, which you can read here, Marie writes that measures should be taken not just against individual party members, but against “whole branches or CLPs when necessary”.
She adds that the new leader will need to take a close look at various areas of concern in the Party including  “the Leader of the Opposition’s Office, Labour Party Headquarters, the National Executive Committee, the Shadow Cabinet, the Parliamentary Labour Party and arguably the network of outriders including sympathetic commentators, trade union leaders and various quasi-media outlets.”
In January, the Board of Deputies published its Ten Pledges for the new Labour leader.  identifying the ten key points which Labour needs to sign up to in order to begin healing its relationship with the Jewish community.