Board of Deputies President announces Honorary Officer portfolios
19 May 2021
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Following her re-election as President last week, Board of Deputies President Marie van der Zyl has announced portfolios to be covered by the newly elected Honorary Officers.

Senior Vice President Gary Mond will chair the Communities and Education Division with responsibility for:

  • Education policy – Supporting Jewish schools and Jews in non-Jewish settings
  • Holocaust Education and Commemoration
  • Deputies’ Israel Education,
  • Religious Education and teaching the wider (non-Jewish) public about Judaism
  • Pikuach Jewish Studies inspectorate
  • Jewish community engagement including regional and small communities
  • Jewish Heritage
  • Mental Health, JWA Shabbat Jewish community engagement including regional and small communities

Vice President Amanda Bowman will chair the Defence and Group Relations Division with responsibility for:

  • Antisemitism and extremism (UK)
  • Religious freedom in the UK.
  • Campus
  • Family law
  • Interfaith and inter-ethnic relations
  • Political engagement – Manifestos and Local Government Engagement
  • Solidarity with different communities
  • Campus BDS

Vice President David Mendoza-Wolfson will chair the International Division with responsibility for:

  • Israel and the Middle East
  • Foreign and diplomatic relations
  • International antisemitism and extremism
  • Holocaust restitution and revisionism
  • International religious freedom
  • Relations with international Jewish communities
  • Supporting the Uyghurs
  • BDS

Treasurer Ben Crowne will chair the Finance and Organisation Division, with responsibility for:

  • Audit. Management accounts, budget and cash flow
  • Investment Management
  • Risk management
  • Income generation
  • Membership and Deputies Engagement
  • Operations
  • Regulation and compliance
  • Climate and Carbon neutral