Board of Deputies of British Jews statement on the suspension of Naz Shah MP
27 April 2016
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Board of Deputies of British Jews President Jonathan Arkush has responded to the suspension of Naz Shah MP. he said: “The suspension of Naz Shah MP, which we note was by mutual agreement, was clearly correct.  We must record our total dismay at the stories circulating that references to antisemitism were removed from Ms Shah’s statement of apology by party officials.  If true, this reinforces our longstanding concern that the Labour leadership has yet to confront the problem of antisemitism in the party.

“If the Labour party is to re-establish its credibility on this issue, it needs to take four important steps forward:

“First, there must be a credible inquiry into the entire Naz Shah episode.  Secondly, the party has to take effective measures to eradicate antisemitism wherever it occurs within its membership.  Thirdly, the leader must make it clear that allegations of antisemitism are not to be dismissed as arguments about Israel.  Fourthly, Jeremy Corbyn must now respond to our repeated calls for him to accept that his meetings with rank antisemites before he became leader were not appropriate and will not be repeated.

“These steps are essential if Jews and non-Jews alike are to believe that the Labour leader is committed to taking the necessary action and that the party can be trusted on antisemitism.”