Board of Deputies meets with Plaid Cymru leader to discuss antisemitism case
01 January 1970
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Senior Vice President of the Board of Deputied Sheila Gewolb, Vice President Amanda Bowman and South Wales Jewish Representative Council Chair Laurence Kahn met with the leader of Plaid Cymru, Adam Price MS this week. They discussed the case of Plaid member Sahar Al-Faifi who has repeatedly engaged in antisemitic behaviour including promoting Rothschild conspiracy theories, blaming terrorist incidents in the UK on ‘Zionists’ and accusing Israel of responsibility for the killing of George Floyd.


Sheila said: “We were pleased to have the opportunity to meet Plaid Cymru party leader Adam Price. We took this opportunity to raise our serious concerns about the ongoing disciplinary case of Sahar Al-Faifi. We were clear that Al-Faifi’s choice to repeatedly engage in antisemitic conduct means she is unsuitable to be a member of, let alone run for election for, any anti-racist political party. We will continue to engage in dialogue with the party, while making clear that we expect them to stand with us against anti-Jewish racism. This case will be a test of Plaid Cymru’s resolve on anti-racism.”

Also discussed was the Welsh Government’s intended support for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions of Israel through its procurement policy, and proposed curriculum changes that would dilute religious education. Mr Price offered a continuing dialogue on these issues.