Board of Deputies condemns election of ‘antisemitism denier’ to Labour disciplinary body
27 November 2018
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Board of Deputies Vice President Amanda Bowman has condemned the election of Stephen Marks, who has denied Labour has a serious problem with antisemitism,  to the Labour disciplinary body which deals with alleged cases of antisemitism.

Amanda said: “The election of antisemitism denier Stephen Marks to Labour’s National Constitution Committee seems to be part of a concerted effort to make Labour’s disciplinary process less and less credible and more and more open to claims of partiality and corruption. Stephen Marks has denied that Labour has a serious problem with antisemitism or that Jeremy Corbyn has failed to give a lead. At a time when there should be attempts to restore confidence, we are increasingly forced to conclude that we should have no confidence in Labour’s disciplinary process, and that we will have to increasingly look outside the party for justice on antisemitism.”