Board of Deputies concerned over law which makes it illegal to blame Poland for Holocaust crimes
07 February 2018
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Board of Deputies Vice President Richard Verber has commented on the new Polish law which will make it illegal to attribute Holocaust crimes to Poland, rather than Nazi Germany.

Richard said: “Although it is historically inaccurate to use the term Polish death camps – they were clearly established by the Nazis – we are concerned that this new law may be trying to play down the fact that many Poles were also perpetrators during the Holocaust. We of course acknowledge that Poles were victims too and indeed there are many Polish righteous gentiles – more than any other nation. However the facts are clear that Poles were involved directly and indirectly in the murder of many, many Jews. It also appears to be a law that is almost entirely unenforceable, suggesting that it is more for political capital than historical truth.”

The Board of Deputies is making representations to the Polish Government on this issue.