Board of Deputies applauds Foreign Secretary for opposing anti-Israel measures at UN Human Rights Council
21 March 2019
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Marie van der Zyl, President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, has responded to Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s announcement that the UK will oppose anti-Israel measures at the UN Human Rights Council.

She said: “We congratulate the UK on its new and principled stance on announcing that it will fulfil its promise to vote against all resolutions tabled under the UN Human Rights Council’s discriminatory Item 7. We would particularly like to thank the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt for their leadership on this issue. All supporters of human rights should applaud this move, which could in time lead to the UN ceasing to be discredited through its overt partisanship and becoming trusted once again as the arbiter of universal human rights that we all want it to be. We call on other states who genuinely support the advancement of human rights to follow the UK’s moral stand.”