Board of Deputies and JLC comment on proposals to the Shadow Cabinet
23 July 2019
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‘Jeremy Corbyn’s proposals on antisemitism, presented to the Shadow Cabinet, represent a significant step backward. The proposals significantly increase the potential for political interference by putting decisions further into the hands of a small group of individuals who consistently vote on factional lines and have already shown their lack of independent thinking.

‘The Party seems intent on preserving a system that primarily protects antisemites at the expense of their victims. Once again, the Labour leadership refuses to make the disciplinary process independent or transparent, despite being repeatedly asked to by our community and by victims of other complaints.

We urge Labour to get serious, stop presuming they understand antisemitism better than the Jewish community and adopt a robust system based on the recommendations set out by Jewish community organisations and others. Only then will they begin to rid themselves of this racism.’


Marie van der Zyl – President, Board of Deputies of British Jews

Jonathan Goldstein – Chair, Jewish Leadership Council