Board of Deputies and AJC sign association accord

The Board of Deputies of British Jews and AJC have signed an association agreement. The accord marks a new chapter in an increasingly close relationship between the two organisations.

AJC CEO David Harris said: “Our organisations share a vision and commitment to ensuring the well-being of Jews worldwide, and for the state of Israel, through global advocacy. From our many past joint efforts, we have only the highest admiration and appreciation for the tremendous work of the Board of Deputies. We look forward to deepening and expanding our cooperation.”

It is AJC’s 33rd international agreement with overseas Jewish communities and student organisations.

Board of Deputies Chief Executive Gillian Merron said:  “Over the course of this year, we have already co-operated on a number of projects which brought together the talent and experience of both our organisations. I am delighted that we are now formalising our partnership with this association agreement.”

“The Brexit vote is undoubtedly going to have implications but also opportunities for Britain’s role in the world. I have no doubt that the Board of Deputies and AJC will together make the most of this opportunity to work towards our common goal of protecting the well-being of the Jewish people both here in the UK and internationally,” Gillian added.

Collaboration between the two organisations in diplomacy was evident at a landmark seminar and reception for diplomats jointly hosted by the Board of Deputes and AJC Europe. It brought together ambassadors and other diplomatic representatives of more than 40 countries in London last month.

Earlier this year, the two organisations collaborated on AJC’s Mayors United Against Antisemitism campaign. Mayor of London Sadiq Khan followed his predecessor, Boris Johnson in signing the document. They joined more than 500 U.S. and European mayors in committing themselves to take concrete actions against rising antisemitism and the use of anti-Zionism as a cover for antisemitism.

The Board of Deputies, founded in 1760, is the voice of British Jews. AJC, founded in 1906, is the premier global Jewish advocacy organisation, with headquarters in New York, 22 offices across the U.S. and 11 around the world. AJC Europe oversees AJC’s five posts across the continent, including Berlin, Brussels, Paris, Rome, and the new Warsaw-based AJC Central Europe office.

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