Board meets Education Secretary

The Board of Deputies met Secretary of State for Education Nicky Morgan on Tuesday to discuss issues including the important contribution of faith schools, concerns about the unbalanced teaching of the Israel-Palestine conflict and tackling antisemitic, Islamophobic and homophobic bullying in schools.

The meeting was an opportunity for the Board’s new President, Jonathan Arkush, to continue the strong relationship of his predecessors with the department.

After the meeting, Board of Deputies’ President Jonathan Arkush said, “I was delighted to meet with Nicky Morgan, who clearly shares many of our community’s interests and concerns. I look forward to continuing the strong and effective relationship between the Board and the Department during my presidency.”

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, said: “It was a pleasure to meet Jonathan Arkush, the new President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, to continue the excellent relationship we enjoy. Jewish faith schools make a valuable contribution to the sector and we will continue to support them.

“The Board raised concerns about unbalanced teaching in schools, including of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Our position is clear – we actively encourage debate in schools, but different viewpoints need to be presented in an unbiased and balanced way.”

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