Board condemns NUS vote on Israel
03 June 2015
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Board President Jonathan Arkush has condemned  the decision of the National Union of Students to support a policy of Boycott Divestment and Sanctions against Israel on Tuesday – a move which has been condemned by heads of British universities.

He said: “The leadership of NUS NEC can be judged by its willingness to boycott the longest standing liberal democracy in the Middle East, while turning a blind eye to regimes that hang gay people from cranes and push them off high buildings, refuse to allow women to be educated at universities and behead people in the street.  Moreover, NUS NEC’s radical fringe sees no inconsistency in failing to condemn Islamic State because Muslim students told them it could cause Islamophobia, while boycotting Israel even when the Union of Jewish Students said that it will fuel antisemitism.

“The executive of the NUS does not represent British students.  Instead it betrays them and shames our country.

“NUS urgently needs to refocus on representing and serving all students in the UK, and work to export dialogue and cohesion, not import conflict and discrimination.”