BLOG: Thank You Thursdays! #3


In response to the real difficulties being faced during the Coronavirus pandemic, the Jewish community has responded with great tenacity, creativity and resilience. One of the core commandments of Judaism is to ‘love your neighbour as yourself’ – and we are seeing evidence of this teaching being actualised throughout the country.

In addition to expressing our gratitude to key workers every Thursday evening, we want to show our appreciation to those who have responded to the call to help their local communities through volunteering. Each Thursday, we will be highlighting a few individuals who have taken on the pioneering and caring Jewish spirit, so we can say ‘Thank You’ for their work on behalf of the entire UK Jewish Community and from all those who are benefiting from their efforts.

If you would like to recommend someone to be featured in upcoming weeks, please email our Community Engagement Officer, Lauren Keiles, at

Thank you Thursday – May 21st 2020

Deborah Porter, Ray Roukin, Gillian Moonman and the Management Committee – Southport Hebrew Congregation

The Management Committee have initiated a phone around system to check in on all of their congregants during this time. Gillian has worked hard to put in place the Corona Angels food delivery system, Deborah coordinated Pesach food orders and deliveries and Ray organised the distribution of challahs for community members.


Rosalind Bluestone –  Neve Shalom

Rosalind Bluestone is the founder and runs the charity ‘Goods for Good’ helping refugees all over Europe. Since the Covid-19 crisis, she has switched the bulk of the charities aid to help those who are struggling from the economic effects of the lock-down.


Matt Unerman – Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue

Matt expanded his ‘Embrace the Waste’ campaign to make a Covid-19 Community group where members can share their best tips on reducing, reusing and recycling during lockdown. He has also been regularly preparing around 80 food portions each week, from food which would have otherwise gone to waste. He is donating these meals to his local food bank.


Lorraine Sarsby and family – Edgware Masorti

Lorraine lost her 26 year old son Andy to a vicious form of Cancer. Andy was a selfless man who gave to everyone around him and was massively loved. The extended Sarsby family began collecting donations of gels and creams for the staff of UCH Hospital to soothe sore faces and hands from wearing PPE. They also collected around 1000 gifts for hospital staff including the ward where Andy was cared for. The Sarsby family are also supporting Jewish Care with gifts and chocolates during this difficult time. The entire extended family is an inspiration.


Laura Schalit Bloomberg – Bushey United

Laura has organised two massive ‘Bushey Bake Offs’ with the last one having 300 bakers joining in. The thousands of cakes made were then able to be distributed to local hospitals, care homes and hospices. This has now become a joyous, incredible and regular event for the community.

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