BLOG: Remembering the lives of our fallen soldiers
01 December 2016
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By Denise Lester

The Board of Deputies is proud and privileged to support and participate in the Annual AJEX March.

This year like last was special. It is essential that the good deeds and the lives of the fallen Jewish soldiers in active service over the years be remembered. The Board of Deputies, with its long history of service to the community recognises and appreciates the service to the community and country that those men and women have made. It is entirely fitting and appropriate that respect be paid to to those men and women by Deputies and also those including me, who had a parent that served in World War II.

If it was not for the active service of those who have fallen and lost their lives, including my late father’s fellow service men, we would not be here.  I am privileged to have the honour of organising this every year, as a Deputy of South Hampstead United Synagogue.

Jews have a long standing tradition as citizens of contributing and serving  the UK and this is a unique occasion to mark this. We recognise the actions of those who have gone before to make the UK, the great, multicultural, multifaith society that it is.

There are also those unsung heroes and heroines who are quietly serving behind the scenes now, Jewish and non-Jewish who continue to keep our community safe. Tribute should be paid to them and to all who participated in this year’s march and to the services such as the Metropolitan Police , CST and the City of  Westminster as well as religious leaders from across the Jewish faith spectrum who participated in the service. It is a sombre occasion. And let’s not forget the many unsung male and female personnel who currently are in active service to whom our respect is due.

Denise Lester is Deputy for South Hampstead Synagogue