Bishop of Edmonton calls on coroner to ‘be respectful of religious practices’
26 March 2018
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Ahead of the Judicial Review on practices at the Inner Noprth London Coroners’ Service, The Rt Revd Rob Wickham, the Bishop of Edmonton has appealed to the Senior Coroner for Inner London to ensure that religious communities are treated in accordance with their religious beliefs.

He said: “The death of a loved one usually brings much grief and vulnerability for any family and community. It is especially at these moments when it is of great comfort when people are able to observe specific mourning and burial rites in accordance with their religious beliefs. On behalf of the different faith communities in the very diverse North London, I would hope that the Senior Coroner for Inner London would be respectful of such religious practices and freedoms which ultimately enable the whole community to grieve well.”

Board of Deputies Vice President Marie van der Zyl added: “This is an important intervention from the Bishop of Edmonton. While the Senior Coroner for Inner North London seems determined to cause unnecessary upset to grieving families, people of different faiths are coming together to call for a different approach of compassion and common sense that respects religious freedom and religious diversity.”