Arkush calls on Corbyn not to allow Livingstone back
23 May 2018
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Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush has called on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to ensure that Ken Livingstone will not be allowed back into the party.

He said: “Ken Livingstone has jumped when he should have been expelled for his toxic and odious distortion of history.  His departure from Labour has all the signs of being orchestrated with the Leader’s office, with the obvious aim of shielding Livingstone from the ignominy of being thrown out of a party that should have no place for him.  The fact that Jeremy Corbyn called it a ‘sad day’ demonstrates that he has still failed to grasp Labour’s problem with antisemitism.  What he should have said is that Labour will not tolerate people with such offensive views and that he will not be allowed back.  He should also make it very clear that Livingstone’s wish to campaign for the Labour party will be firmly rejected.”