Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby conveys his “deepest sense of solidarity, friendship and prayers” to British Jews

In a letter to Board of Deputies Chief Executive Michael Wegier, Archbishop Justin Welby writes to convey his “deepest sense of solidarity… friendship and prayers” to the Board of Deputies and all British Jews following the horrific attacks against Israeli civilians by Hamas

Archbishop Welby condemned the attacks “against innocent civilians, children and elderly, strikes at the heart of all that is good and holy.”

He added that: “The Board of Deputies of British Jews represents the full range of Jewish culture, religion, belief and tradition, and so I want to convey my deepest sense of solidarity with you at this time. I have no doubt that there will be many grieving, fearing for the whereabouts of loved ones, and feeling the most profound trauma because of these attacks. I’m mindful, too, that British Jews will be feeling the double jeopardy of anticipating an increase in antisemitic sentiment. At this extraordinarily difficult time, please be assured of my continued friendship and prayers.”

The full letter by Archbishop Justin Welby below:


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