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Focus on our members
The Friendship Circle
The Friendship Circle is a warm and vibrant community within a community for people with physical and learning disabilities in Manchester. We strongly believe in giving our members and those with a disability nationwide, a voice in the Jewish community.
Issue Areas
Antisemitism remains a fundamental challenge facing the British Jewish community. The Board of Deputies robustly challenges all manifestations of antisemitism in UK public politics.
The Board of Deputies is recognised as the Jewish community leader on initiatives that promote good relations between the UK’s different faith and ethnic communities...
Religious Freedoms
A key objective of the Board of Deputies is to protect religious freedoms for all Jews in the UK and beyond...
The Board of Deputies plays a central role in ensuring that religious education for Jewish children is of a high standard and works to increase knowledge of Jewish traditions and culture…
Israel and The Middle East
The British Jewish community has a very strong attachment to the State of Israel. A 2010 survey by the Institute of Jewish Policy Research (JPR) showed that 95% of UK Jews have visited Israel and...
International Advocacy
The Board of Deputies maintains relationships with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Department for International Development and the Prime Minister’s Envoy on Post-Holocaust Issues...